Profile of a Waldorf Graduate

A Waldorf grad with her mother.Research on North American Waldorf graduates shows that 94% attend university and an astounding 50% attain a Masters degree or PhD.

The 2007 Survey of Waldorf Graduates, Phase II, which covered more than 60 years of grads from Canada and the US, suggests that a majority of Waldorf school graduates share three predominant characteristics:

  1. Waldorf graduates think for themselves and value the opportunity to translate their new ideas into practice. They both value and practice lifelong learning and have a highly developed sense for aesthetics.
  2. Waldorf graduates value lasting human relationships - and they seek out opportunities to be of help to other people.
  3. Waldorf graduates are guided by an innner moral compass that helps them navigate the trials and tempations of professional and private life. They carry high ethical principles into their chosen professions.

The research also shows that Waldorf alumni show proficiency in:

  • Multiple intelligences and cross-disciplinary learning
  • Global consciousness and sustainability
  • Basis for moral navigation
  • creative problem solving
  • High levels of social intelligence
  • "Outside of the box" thinking

In addition, they:

  • Practice life-long learning (91%)
  • Are self reliant and self confident (94%)
  • Value verbally expression and critical thinking (93%)
  • Express a high level of consciousness in making relationships work - both at home and at work
  • Highly satisfied in choice of occupation (89%)
  • Highly value interpersonal friendships (96%)
  • Highly value tolerance of other viewpoints (90%)
  • At work, care most about ethical principles and helping others (82%)

University professors praise Waldorf graduates for their social awareness, initiative, communication and thruthfulness.

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